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The X Games are sport tournaments hosted by the sporting TV network, ESPN, twice every year. These biennial winter and summer games feature thrilling athletes and encourage athletic risk-taking. Individuals compete in in-line skating, sport climbing, skysurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, street luge, stunt bicycling, and barefoot water-ski jumping, among many others. The X Games were created by ESPN and initially broadcasted in the summer of 1995. Later in 1998, the winter editions of The X Games were introduced.

The X Games are billed as alternate Olympics and are aimed at catering to teenage culture. The tournament's name is inspired by the popular Generation 'X' name familiar among the young age group. The sport tournaments make far-flung and 'dirty' hobbies like skydiving and skateboarding prominent and organized.

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About The X Games

About The X Games

Extreme Sports participants usually compete for bronze, silver, and gold medals. There are also monetary prizes to be won by worldwide participants. The tournaments are divided into two categories: winter and summer competitions.

The inaugural summer tournament took place in 1995 in Rhode Island at Newport and Providence. Two years later, in California at Big Bear Lake, a winter tournament was added to X Games. Currently, winter events are held in Aspen, Colorado, while the games in summer are hosted in Los Angeles, California.

The Extreme Sports games codify behaviors that are usually unregulated. ESPN can arrange and govern potentially chaotic sports by adding measured performance standards to recreational pastimes like in-line skating, rock climbing, and snowboarding. Society generally derided extreme sports since they are physically harmful, but, just like the best esports championships, they are becoming popular among teenagers.

Prize money

Although the X Games events are unconventional, the awards are comparable to those offered in the biggest sports events such as the Olympics. A gold medal is awarded to the champion, while the second and third runners-up receive silver and bronze, respectively. There's also a monetary prize to be won. The prize money in previous X Games was not particularly impressive. The top reward in an event is $50,000, although the prize money decreases the lower a contestant finishes. In addition, most athletes earn $50,000 to $200,000 a year in sponsorships and prize money.

About The X Games
History of The X Games

History of The X Games

Extreme sports' rise in popularity represented changing American 1990s fitness habits. With many people idle, non-athletes were inspired to start running and aerobics during the 1980s fitness FAD. Health club memberships increased dramatically. Fitness and health remained primary business well throughout these years. However, young adult consumers and advertising turned exercise into a routine rather than just a trip to the gym.

Adrenaline compulsion trend entered the young generations' language, influencing marketing methods. The new techniques started gearing at these new extreme image consumers. The aftermath saw Mountain bikes, in-line skates, and snowboards gain significant sales increases, as did bungee jumping and skydiving. The X Games on ESPN took advantage of this new fitness and consumer craze.

Sports at The X Games

Snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, and BMX biking are on the list of sports tournaments at the X Games. However, the events vary from year to year. Many athletes in the Extreme Sports tournaments also compete in international competitions such as the Ice Climbing World Cup. Sarah Burke, a freestyle skier from Canada, has been voted among the finest in the world. Over the years, the most decorated athlete won three gold medals in Extreme Sports. Other X Games contestants compete in the Olympics for their respective countries.

One of the X Games athletes, Shaun White, has won a gold medal in the Olympics' snowboarding. White, a Southern California native, has won awards at the X Games in skateboarding and snowboarding at the summer games.

History of The X Games
How to bet on The X Games?

How to bet on The X Games?

The X Games compare to the Olympics in many aspects, including how the wagering categories are organized at online sport betting sites. Most wagers on both events are money lines, which means players are simply predicting who will win each X Games event.

Where and how to bet on this tournament?

Players can wager on X games at several prominent betting sites. These include, among others, 1xBet, Gunsbet. Because the X Games are traditionally hosted in the United States, players bet on the search for American odds.

What is the best strategy for this tournament?

Players interested in X Games wagering can employ tactics similar to other sport online tournaments. Instead, they should try to concentrate on one or two X Games 2021 odds and take on those challenges. This will enable punters to analyze all competitors before wagering real money fully at the sport championships.

What are the steps to make this bet?

It can be challenging to get information about the list of contestants in each discipline and further information before major sport tournaments. Fortunately, all accepted athletes are listed on the X Games official website to learn more about their backgrounds.

Before betting on sports tournaments, players can look into X Game athletes' previous performance, age, and other relevant information. It's a great place to start X Games betting research, so players take advantage of the free data.

How to bet on The X Games?
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